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WINNERS OF THE CNC 1*: ESB Golden Geisha and the EA 80: ESB Golden Chuckle

NOVEMBER, 2017 ~ ANNOUNCEMENT: ESB Media Release, October 2017

MARCH, 2017  ~ we're back in action and having a performance sale to celebrate our 1st Birthday in our new home. If you are in the market for a nice horse, please CLICK HERE to REGISTER your interest in receiving more information.

JUNE, 2016 ~ ESB is again supporting the Young Event Horse Challenge at Melbourne 3DE.
*** Despite not receiving the promised Sponsorship Package, ESB would have continued to support this event but we were never asked! Lack of sponsors is a major issue in Equestrian Sport and we will never get the support we need if event organisers don't learn how to better manage this area of public relations :( If you need any assistance or advice with obtaining and maintaining SPONSORS, please email vanessa@vjhawkins.com

MARCH 26th, 2016 ~ Well the move is finally over and we are now permanently based in Euroa. Please feel free to let us know if you are passing, the kettle is always on. Eventually we'll be running clinics and be able to accommodate horses and riders overnight.


OCTOBER 25th, 2015 ~ My apologies but things have got a little hectic with the relocation of 'Gold Fields' so the idea of having an online auction is just not going to happen now. I will see how things evolve at the new property before promoting any further sales. In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing an ESB, then please give me a call on 0417 363 710 as I don't have much time for emails at the moment. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy time. This video is a sad farewell to say 'Thank you' to all who have shared in the journey.

MAY 31, 2015 ~ We are looking to employ a couple of riders to help produce our horses. This creates a unique opportunity to be supported with world class horses, training and financial support on a full time basis. It is our desire to see BOTH the horses and the riders compete at top level in the sport and we will be doing our best to help make this happen!

MAY 25, 2015 ~ our insert in the rider bags at Melbourne International 3DE

MAY 5, 2015
Well I reckon the website is nearly complete for now. What a marathon project with nearly 30 years of photos and data and over 300 ESB horses recorded. It's been an emotional roller coaster revisiting my old friends but very rewarding when I look at the competition results and the quality of horses produced.

I've really enjoyed catching up with owners, new and old and getting updates on the ESB ponies, thank you to everyone who has supplied photos and information, it is much appreciated!

We are excited about launching our new website and hope that you find it informative and easy to use. It is still a work in progress and we appreciate your patience whilst we work towards updating all the information.

Please feel free to CLICK HERE to update any information or give us your feedback and you can always check out Our Blog as well.

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Slide across about 1.5cm

An Eventful Life did an interview with Cooper Oborn riding ESB Irish Craft and ESB Irish Autumn at the Lucinda Green clinic.

An Eventful Life did a tribute to Kirby Park Irish Jester

The Advertiser -Adelaide 2011
Both horses pictured (ESB Irish Endeavour TOP and Kirby Park Irish Jester BOTTOM)
are by ESB Irish Enough